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Bulk Trash Information



Please see attached your bulk trash pickup schedule. I called the City of Phoenix today to confirm a few things too.

First, please don’t place bulk items out any earlier than the placement date on the chart. For example, your community is in Zone 3. Please note the placement date is July 8th. I was in the community on July 3rd and several homes already had their bulk trash out. This is unsightly for your neighbors and your community.

Also, since your community has front trash pickup, all bulk items must be placed in front of your home or your driveway only. Please don’t place up further on your lot or along side your home. They will not come more than 5ft onto your property to pickup bulk trash. Please do not place bulk items along the side of your home facing the adjoining street. The city did confirm they will not pickup bulk items that aren’t placed directly in front of the home.

Please do not dispose of any appliance that has refrigerants. There is a list of do’s and don’ts on the second page of the attached flier.

Click Here for the City's Bulk Trash Flier and Schedule

Thank you for your help with this!

Shannon Plessel
Community Manager